Çakmak & Çakmak Law Office You can achieve fast and reliable results with our experienced team in solving all your legal problems. You can benefit from our corporate legal consultancy service. M.Kemal ATATÜRK “Liberty, bright future, independence,

all these exist with justice solely.”

About Us

ÇAKMAK & ÇAKMAK Law Office has been founded in 2011 by Atty. Mehmet Engin ÇAKMAK in Ankara. Since it has been founded, it has been providing consultancy and advocacy services to individual and corporate demands in many fields, especially in administrative law and tax law.

Our office receives consultancy services from academicians within the scope of Higher Education Law No. 2547 on subjects requiring special expertise and can work in coordination with other law firms on the basis of solution partnership.

Our office provides counseling and advocacy services in the fields of tax law, administrative law, public procurement law, real estate and development law, criminal law, commercial law, competition law, energy law and arbitration law.

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NEP OFFICE, Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi 2155. Sokak No:4 D:8 Çankaya/ANKARA
Phone: 0 312 284 07 27
GSM: 0 533 727 00 22